Child Abuse

Child abuse occurs in all societies, classes and nationalities. The profile of an abuser is not determined by class, race or age as they range from older children - juveniles to older people. However it also depends on the type of abuse for example most sexual offenders are men while physical or emotional abuse is by both men and women.

Child abuse is a traumatic experience that may affect the child negatively at the time of occurrence and later on in life if there is no intervention haunting the adult throughout his/her life. Abused adults or children may have problems in forming and sustaining healthy relationships because they are driven by the desire for protection and care while at the same time being haunted by fear of abandonment, break of trust and exploitation thus being susceptible to unstable and relationships.

Definition of Child Abuse
Any Act of commission or omission by individuals, institutions or society as a whole, and any conditions resulting from such acts or inaction, which deprive children of equal rights and liberties, and /or interfere with their optimal development, constitute by definition evasive or neglectful acts or conditions.

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